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Paleta Girls are a London based duo handcrafting healthy fresh-fruit lollies using 100% natural ingredients and no refined sugar, dairy or gluten.

The inspiration for Paleta Girls began during a six months sabbatical in Mexico when Laura fell in love with paletas; all natural, Mexican ice-lollies made with fresh fruit and no additives or preservatives. In every town in Mexico you can visit a Paleteria where they make the lollies by hand, usually as a family run business.

On returning from Mexico in June 2015 Laura teamed up with her close friend and fellow foodie Donna and they decided to make it their mission to bring Latin-inspired healthy lollies to foodies looking for something different.

With Laura’s background as a dietitian and their joint passion for nutrition and real food, the girls wanted to make lollies that tasted amazing but without using refined sugar, additives, e-numbers, dairy or gluten – to rely on the natural sweetness, colour and the amazing benefits of fresh fruits, spices and botanicals.

“In the UK ice-lollies are typically mass-produced, made with sugar and rely on additives for colour. Our lollies are made with 100% natural ingredients -the amazing colours in our lollies come from fruit and vegetables alone – they need no enhancement or e-numbers.

Lollies are not traditionally associated with health food but we are passionate about delivering the amazing benefits of fruit and spices in a frozen treat that you can enjoy anytime – not just on a hot day.

The ingredients in our lollies are all chosen for their health benefits – we pick fruits and vegetables that have high levels of antioxidants  – these are cell protecting warriors that help the body recover from the effects of things like pollution, exercise and also everyday wear and tear, but that’s not all.

The pineapple in our pineapple chili lolly contains bromelain, a enzyme that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, the ginger in our lemon honey lolly is a natural analgesic that can help to reduce pain, and taken after a workout can actually reduce muscle soreness!

The hibiscus tea we use in our raspberry lolly contain more antioxidants than green tea – plus it has been found to lower blood pressure, and the cinnamon spice in our plum ice-lollies can help regulate cholesterol.

At under 100 calories per fruit pop, all our lollies are made without refined sugar and just a touch of honey.

Honey is sweeter than sugar so we can get away with using less, plus it has a lower glycemic index, so it’s more slowly absorbed. Even better, honey is a natural anti-viral, which means it’s a winner for immunity. Our vegan chocolate pop is totally free of added sugar, made from organic cocoa, plus coconut milk, cashews and dates, so you get something that tastes great, and is also really good for you!

Our aim is create genuinely healthy, delicious natural and fun products that people don’t think twice about buying daily. We can work with anyone from small customers to large clients, crafting bespoke flavours for unique offerings at events and parties to branding sticks for big initiatives with the aim of bringing something healthy, fresh, fun and unique to everyone”.

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