As a well known advocate for all things organic there are no prizes for guessing what the Christmas dinner consists of in the Haste Household!

That doesn’t mean it came together easily however as while the organic veg is readily available and doesn’t take much thinking about the choice of organic turkeys is growing all the time. Don’t get me wrong, this is a brilliant move forward but it also takes longer now to decide which one to pick rather than grab the only on there! I’ve decided to make life easier for us all by taking a bit of time doing a spot of research and coming up with my list of top 5 organic British turkeys.

Sheepdrove Organic Farm Berkshire 

The turkeys at this farm are treat more like children with toys and shiny CD’s hanging on strings to offer entertainment to these naturally inquisitive birds. These hang from the rafters in the large and airy barn which gives them their overnight shelter. During daylight hours the naturally bred Heritage and Norfolk Bronze turkeys roam around the farm dining on their natural diet of greenery and grubs. All their birds meet the highest of organic standards and can be bought as either a crown, a whole bird or rolled breast meat.

Kelly Turkeys Essex 

Boasting their own unique turkeys, the Kelly Bronze, father and son team Derek and Paul Kelly have worked miracles in saving this disappearing breed. 31 years ago they took over the last remaining pure bronze turkeys and today their birds are known the world over. Slow grown and allowed to mature naturally, hand plucked without the use of any water and hung the traditional way these are organic turkeys par excellence.

Trevilley Farm Cornwall 

2014 was the 100th anniversary of this well known Cornish farm which is now in the hands in the 5th generation of the Barrett family. Over the past decade they have very much embraced free range, organic farming and offer both bronze turkeys and geese for the festive seasons. Their website offers a host of information as well as a handy guide to what size bird you need. A godsend for those who buy the biggest bird that will fit in their cooker and are sick of the sight of it after 4 days!

Capestone Farm Pembrokeshire 

All the birds here are produced and reared from the slow growing bronze breed and strut around the Welsh countryside with constant access to lush, green organic pastures. They are allowed to roam and forage from the age of only 4 weeks which results in excellent birds renowned for their taste.

Hollin Root Farm Kent 

The award winning farmers in charge of Hollin Root specialise is naturally fed poultry and meats that don’t possess one iota of growth promoters. An accredited member of the esteemed Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association, their turkeys which are reared as nature intended often reach twice the size of the largest found in supermarkets,  and are as fresh as it’s possible to get.

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