As you all will know, I love my spices and I would say virtually every recipe I’ve made on Hastes Kitchen has contained either a herb or spice of some kind. Imagine my delight at having the chance to work with the incredible ‘Schwartz’ range! My cupboards are literally full to the brim with all of their awesome range, but for this one recipe Schwartz asked me to create something with the Black pepper range. So, I went about recreating my favourite take away dish ‘Chinese black pepper beef with green peppers’. 

I’ve kept the ingredients really simple on this one and made sure the focus was on getting that spicy kick from the pepper corns. Click the video link above to watch the full recipe! I promise you it’s the best fake away you’ll try and with it being ready in just 20 minutes, it’s probably quicker than a delivery too!

Schwartz have an amazing range to consider for your kitchen, from pour over sauces, rubs and herbs, spices and chilis. If you watch my recipes, you will see that I have used their range in just about every video! So recreating some of the dishes and copy my in on social media with #hasteskitchen I love to see your recreations. 

Check out the entire library of herbs and spices by Schwartz here