I was lucky enough to be sent their first set of knifes a few years back, and for an entrance price set, they’re unbeatable. Sharp, stylish and super balanced for cutting with precision.

Established in Belgravia, London, around 2010 and they officially launched to the UK market in 2012, Edge of Belgravia has quickly won acclaim. The firm has combined daringly avant-gard design, high quality materials, audacious PR and effective marketing to expand across the globe. It has become a global brand with great recognition.

I have also received the ‘test version’ of the Kuroi Hana, a solid knife with steel core is made from high-hardness AUS-10 Japanese steel. They blew their indiegogo funding by 6799 to get this knife into production. This means you can buy one of the large chefs knifes for £89 ahead of its march 2018 price of  £180.

Check out the pre order website here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kuroi-hana-knife-collection-japanese-steel#/

and main site here ..https://www.edgeofbelgravia.co.uk


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