With today being the hottest day of the year, I thought it fitting to conclude my water challenge with Zip taps UK. Although it has been relatively easy to increase my water intake, I have noticed that my slightly drier days are usually down to work and simply forgetting to drink, on these days I notice a dramatic increase in fatigue and often I’d get a headache,  my body is almost reminding me that I need to drink.

I was lucky enough to be given a fancy glass BPA free drinker from Zip, which contains a section for either fruit of tea leaves, something I’ve never been keen on is cold tea. However with a slice of lemon, it’s a game changer! I’m now a regular tea and lemon drinker.

What’s important to me from this experience, is changing the fruit regularly in the water, as after a couple of hours often the fruit is soggy and actually put’s you off the water itself.

If you struggle with drinking the correct amount each day, go and get yourself a large water bottle and mark down the sides with a pen, with a time line for qualities needed to be consumed, or there are loads of these online, just Google ‘water bottle with time line’.

Timeline water bottle

Try adding sparkling water to your daily routine, adding a little sparkling with some strawberries is incredible, plus the sparking makes the fruit disperse liquids quicker than normal water, giving you stringer infused flavours. If you have a herb garden at home, rip  of some mint or basil and add a few blueberries, another combo winner!.  The Zip tap gives you instant sparkling water, no need for bottles in the fridge anymore!.

If you’re a coffee drinker like myself, poor yourself an iced water for in the morning, coffee dehydrates, so counter act this first thing, by drinking a good half to onepint with breakfast, this I found helped me loads with getting energy levels up in the morning.

I hope this blog has helped a few of you and please don’t forget to check my youtube channel out using the Zip tap in some awesome recipes. I’ll be creating a selection of cocktails in the beginning of August, so stay posted for those on Instagram and my other social platforms.

Have a great summer everyone. X


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