Summers is finally here, but as we’ve already had the longest day of the year! Ho did that happen!, it only feels like we’ve had 4-5 days of any kind of heat.

If like me, you like your herbs to be fresh and vibrant but have a limited space in your garden, why not create an easy window garden?.  Choose the warmest and sunniest area in your house, this doesn’t have to be your kitchen, although obviously this helps with the ‘herbs at hand’ cooking scenario. Get your self a selection of bowls and a regular daily top up of water, and you’re away! Fresh herbs at hand every day.

Variations that will keep easily:

Thai Chilli

Greek Basil



Chocolate Mint



The slightly harder variations are the dreaded coriander! I love the taste buy I can never get this herb to live freshly for more than two weeks!. Any suggestions? Please leave a comment if you have an idea on how to get this beautiful herb lasting longer.

Happy growing!.





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