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I’m no different from millions of other Brits in that I like nothing better than relaxing with a steaming cup of Rosie Lee. While nobody can deny the convenience of the tea bags there are times when I would to savour a cup of whole leaf tea in the way my ancestors did. Finding one that fits in with my lifestyle and health ethos hasn’t always been easy in the past but now that I’ve discovered the wonders of We Are Tea I need to search no more.

We Are Tea are an independent company based in London and run by Spence and Suzy. They sell only the finest, ethically sourced teas available. They have won multiple awards for their amazing teas and have built their business on the foundations doing things that little bit differently. I love the way they follow a very simple philosophy; to ethically source only exceptional whole leaf teas directly from artisan producers then pack them in the UK. Their main aim is to open the doors to the often daunting, and somewhat complex, world of speciality teas and make them accessible and understandable for everyone.

The British have everlasting love with tea and giving us the chance to tap into this  magical new world is something we are buying into big time. They have some quite unbelievable flavours and tea solutions on offer including their unique g&tea cocktails which can be found on sale at such establishments as boutique hotels, farm shops and delis, health clubs and those great, old fashioned pubs that I love so much. You will find We Are Tea products on sale at the kind of establishments that really care about the quality of the items they have on offer. My kind of place in other words.

Black tea, white tea, green tea, fusion tea, Oolong tea, super tea; their repertoire just goes on and on. Oh and before you ask yes they do teabags, yes I buy them and yes they taste the same as the real thing thanks to not being crushed within an inch of their lives! We are gradually working our way through the weird, wonderful and exotic sounding teas on offer but the problem is that once we think we’ve settled on a favourite we try another new one and that one’s even better…

Who can resist such award winning flavours as Gunpowder with Ginger, White Peony, Jasmine silver needle and Dragon Well? Anyone like myself who’s partial to a cup of top quality green tea will love the latter which is one of the most sought after varieties in the world and delivers on both colour and delicious taste. I just love We Are Tea and what they have brought to the market and it won’t be long before our shelves are filled with their gorgeous little tins and pouches.


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