I simply love all the appliances which this Italian company produces. The domestic appliances which carry this prestigious name are best described as upmarket, in both looks and performance. I was excited to hear about their new retro collection of smaller appliances but even I wasn’t prepared for the aesthetic impact of the latest additions to their awesome Smeg 50’s range.

They have taken the colours and curves of this dynamic decade, which we all know and love in their fridges, dishwashers and washing machines, and created the kind of small appliances which everyone has on their wish list. The blender, toaster and stand mixer have such an amazing visual effect that you will want them proudly displayed alongside the kettle and not tucked away in cupboards.

I’m going to start with the toaster as I have to start with something. Cool chrome, bold black or red and a range of pastel shades ensure there is a model to suit any style or décor of kitchen. Those sublime retro curves combined with such modern features as 6 browning settings and various other functions make this a toaster to be reckoned with.

For me personally, I think the Smeg stand mixers is just about the coolest small appliance on the market. It looks almost space age which goes to show how far ahead of their time those 50’s appliances really were! I love the classic combination of black and stainless steel but if this colour combo doesn’t rock your boat you can have red or one of the pastel shades. This mixer delivers exactly what it says on the tin; and does so in style. There are extras you can get as well which include a pasta roller and cutter and meat grinder, a truly versatile appliance whose good looks are only matched by its performance.

The Smeg kettle is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your kitchen. Whether you want bold or pastel, or prefer to stick with the chrome, this kettle is less water boiler and more conversation piece. The retro bullet shape looks amazing, and the addition of the curved handle and on/off clicker is a stroke of genius.

Blenders are one of those appliances many buy, use a couple of times, then kind of forget about. I defy you to even want to put this beauty away in between uses! Whether you want to blend soup, crush ice or create those protein packed smoothies I’m a big fan of this is a prince amongst blenders. Great colours, tremendous performance and the fact it comes bearing the name of one of the best brands in the world make this a small appliance every kitchen needs.


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