While I find it hard to understand, there are many out there who don’t like peanut butter. Granted, there are some real  horrors on the market, but the quality stuff is always great to find. We all know that nuts are good for most of us and packed with protein, but thanks to the usual addition of oil, sugar and other bits and pieces, the nutritional value tends to drop when it’s transformed into peanut butter.

Luckily though, Pip and Nut are producing a super tasty peanut butter with an ingredient list which isn’t mind boggling, peanuts and salt. That’s all thats needed folks!.

That isn’t all they do either, and I’m currently working through their range of Almond Butter, Coconut Almond Butter, Honey Cinnamon and Cashew Butter. The latter 3 put a new spin on one of the quickest and tastiest snacks known to mankind, and spread on hot toast they are delicious. Pip & Nut also do squeeze packs so you can snack as you go.

Pip is the lady behind this brilliant brand and I see her story as one to motivate and inspire others to change something they aren’t happy with. Pip is a runner, and was constantly on the look out for tasty foods that also fitted in with her healthy lifestyle. She loves peanut butter, but was unhappy with the additives etc so started making her own nut butters. Not only were these additive free but she also removed the refined sugars and palm oil found in many of the mainstream brands.

Basically, she wanted to celebrate the nut and all its health giving properties, and replaced the nasties with other healthy items to boost the flavour. She started selling her unique nut butters on a stall in Londons Maltby Street Market. Demand was soon outstripping supply so she started creating it on a much larger scale. Now, you will find Pip & Nut butters on the shelves of such bespoke stores as Selfridges and sales are booming.

If you like the convenience of shopping from home you can also order the nut butters from her website and have them delivered to your door. They are great value for money and you can buy a sample pack of all 4 flavours for only £14.

If you are a nut lover like me, and want a real taste experience, I urge you to try Pip & Nut, you won’t regret it!

Check them out here http://www.pipandnut.com


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