Morphy Richards Juice ThumbnailIf you’re reading this, i’m hoping you’ve seen my latest youtube vid using this awesome machine! If not, take a little look at these two immune and antioxidant juices I made using the New Morphy Richards Easy juice.

I’ve tried numerous juicers over the past few years and have finally found one that ticks all my personal boxes.  The Morphy Richards Easy Juice Slow Juicer makes getting those 5, or 10 if you are a super juicer, a day into everyone in your family.

It’s so simple it’s brilliant and you wonder why other companies haven’t cottoned onto the fact that when it comes to the majority of appliances we want something that does what it says on the tin, simple and easy! rather than the usual, ridiculous amounts of attachments that look like bits of space junk! The pith goes into one beaker the juice into another; no fuss, no mess, no waste.

Even those chefs who class themselves as purists of their art will happily confess to using whatever technology is at hand to make life easier. In fact, we all rely on these appliances more than we realise as some of the tasks they perform to us would be a nightmare if we did it all by hand. Take juicing for example. Anyone who has tried to use one of those spiky, dome thingy’s from our childhood to get a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice to get their breakfast beverage will know what hard work it is to get a dribble. Imagine doing that large scale in a restaurant for all the people waiting for their breakfasts? Doesn’t bear thinking about!

It’s way too good just to use for breakfast too and in my house it’s constantly on the go knocking up energy juices, detoxifying juice and any other juice you can think of.  All you do is chuck your fruit in, plunge the ingredients and you’re good to go. This juice is extracted through what is known as the mastication method meaning it crushes its contents very gently so all those precious minerals and vitamins are extracted into the juice. This process also protects the ingredients from air and heat damage which gives you the reassurance that you are extracting a much higher quality of juice compared to other models. The colour is more vibrant, the taste more intense and the freshness beyond comparison.

Those of you who are aware of cold press juices will know the costs involved on the high street for half the quality of using your own ingredients.

Morphy Richards also have a brilliant little app called Cook and Create,

its it’s available in iTunes  here

‘Cook & Create’ is a brand new app filled with simple, easy-to-follow recipes designed to help you get the most from your Morphy Richards products. The app will give you the help and confidence you need to produce great tasting dishes from scratch time and time again, no matte
r what level of experience you have.

You can grab more info on the Morphy Richards Easy juice  here

Cold-Press Juicer vs Centrifugal Juicer

You may have heard a bit of debate about juicers in recent times. The question is whether to go for a fast centrifugal blade juicer or a slow masticating cold press. The difference in the two is down to technique.

Traditional centrifugal juicers use fast-spinning blades that heat up as they whir which, some believe, oxidises and destroys some of the nutrients in the juice. By crushing the fruit slowly in a masticating cold press juicer (like the Morphy Richards Easy Juice) to extract the juice, rather than slicing it rapidly in a fast one, you avoid applying the heat which kills enzymes and reduces the nutrients in your juice.

The Reverse switch enables easy cleaning of the juicer.

There are 19 Juicing recipes including recipes for ‘Detox’, ‘Energy’ and ‘Daily’ juices and there is a a free Jason Vale Juicemaster recipe book included with the product.

The Easy clean filter makes cleaning a breeze  and it comes with a dedicated cleaning brush

If you want to start getting more nutrients into your diet and like me, love juices! then this really is the easiest way to start.


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