As a firm believer in prevention of illness from what we put into our mouths and digestive systems, Natasha touches on the very same ethos with this beautifully written book. Stuffed full of colourful flavoursome dishes all broken down into a simple to follow categories of #feelgood #slimdown #highenergy #lifechanging

This book as Natasha quotes ‘is all about eating with your body and mind, with a philosophy on to focus on prevention not cure. By living a healthy balanced life you will hopefully never be at the extreme stage of having to cure yourself.

This alkaline cleanse is set with 21 days of easy to produce recipes which helps to make you more energised, sleep better, clear skin problems and puffy eyes (all of which I suffer from as I have two very small children and a wife that needs to travel a lot with her work).

I’m very lucky that within my daily / weekly food routine, I very rarely feel the need to slip and scoff things that a lot of people crave, i,e junk food or sweet treats, so this was simple and super easy to incorporate into my normal way of eating.

My personal experience on this cleanse was that my body felt different, I woke from a full nights sleep (which very rarely happens) feeling alive and ready for the day ahead, I work in house renovations in my normal day job which is incredible tiring on the body and skin, however I felt a certain spring in my step within the first 10 days!.

If you get a chance, grab this book and give it a go, even if its not going to be your life time food plan, you might want to take on some of these recipes and add them to your own healthy eating lifestyle.

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