Amateur cooks seem to be under the impression that we chefs have everything at our disposal that we want or need. There are, however, many items out there which I have on my “must get if I win the lottery” list, and the fantabulous copper cookware sets from Falk are right up there. These pots and pans are every chefs dreams but with 2 small children spending the best part of a grand on some pans doesn’t fit well with me as I’m daddy first and chef second.

It doesn’t stop me dreaming of them however and many a nights slumber has been spent with me in front of the camera cooking up a storm with these pans.  So which set features in these dreams I don’t want to wake up from? The gourmet set is my unconscious set of choice so I’m sticking with it. A few of you may be expecting me to choose the chef’s set but the gourmet offers me everything I want and covers all the bases when it comes to the cookware I currently use in my videos.

I would have the finest quality copper frying pan, saucier, saucepan, roasting pan and casserole at my disposal, and a couple of lids thrown in for good measure. Give me these, set up the camera, and I will be in my element creating dish after dish that will all be cooked to perfection and in super quick time.  Who knows what level of expertise I would reach if I had these to hand as opposed to my current, albeit perfectly adequate, cookware?

So why are they the best? Because they are made from copper; simple as. Copper is the best conductor of heat so it makes total sense that cookware made from it will be the business. Copper is also very expensive so the amount that goes into creating this sublime set puts it out of my league. If I was a single man I wouldn’t think twice about adding these to my kitchen but as I’m not I won’t be, and will continue to send my “Dear Santa” letters up the chimney every year reminding the jolly fellow of what a good boy I’ve been…..

If you are in the position to treat yourself to a Falks set without going on a massive guilt trip then do it now! You have to experience the difference they make to your cooking to fully appreciate their supremacy is the overcrowded cookware market. Let me know how you get along with your set and how you feel when you use them. If it comes close to my kitchen dreams you will feel like a culinary king!


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