While I freely admit to frequenting establishments offering the finest dining experiences those who follow my vlog will also know that I am no food snob. If I was I would take such great pleasure in heading down to Shoreditch’s very own street food fest known as Dinerama. The range of food and drink on offer here is second to none and its vibe screams fun and mutual pleasure in enjoying the some of the best street food in the capital. With a capacity of 1000 and numerous stalls selling all manner of food and drink this is the place to be when you just want to chill, soak up the atmosphere and stuff your face.
Reopened on the 14th January after it’s Christmas break, I can’t wait to head down and check out the 4 new bars which are opening and indulge in some tasty treats now the festive feasts are but a distant memory. I’ve tried street food in many different parts of the world and I have to say having Dinerama virtually on my doorstep is something I doubt I will ever tire off. I just LOVE the whole experience and sampling the eclectic range of dishes and cuisines on offer and moving between eateries for the different courses.
A great place to start is the BBQ Lab where the chipuffulo wings in their fiery sauce bring tears to the eyes and a burning sensation that is swiftly dealt with by a good pint of beer. The main course is always the hardest decision as with the mouthwatering smells wafting from the Peruvian, Italian, Mexican, Bajan, Korean, Latino and numerous other stalls you are literally spoilt for choice. There is also a brilliant selection of vegetarian options available with some stall dedicated to meat free meals and these are hugely popular. Even with our carnivorous tendencies me and the missus have often opted for a meat free meal here and thoroughly enjoyed it.
On to dessert and boy oh boy are there some sweet treats on offer! The baddest brownies you have ever tasted are on offer at Annie Maes, magnificent meringues beg to be eaten at Meringue Girls while a favourite during the summer months is the scrumptious real fruit ice cream dished up by Scoopsy Daisy. The drinks side is every bit as good and offers everything from exotic cocktails to fine wines and a good old mug of Rosie Lee. For something a bit different the German Sex Dungeon is worth investigating especially if you like craft beers as you can get them here in cans.
I have been asked in the past why I don’t take a stall at Dinerama but to be honest I enjoy going there too much and would much rather be on the receiving end! If you haven’t yet ventured into deepest Shoreditch and tried out Dinerama for yourself I strongly recommend it. You certainly won’t be disappointed.


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