Ice creams and yoghurts are two firm favourites in the Haste Household, and in most for that matter. However, if you have a dairy intolerance or simply prefer a healthier option without a hidden sugar content, the choice is drastically reduced. Well, it used to be until the Coconut Collaborative came along. Their awesome range of yoghurts, of both the frozen and unfrozen varieties, are flippin’ fantastic so I thought I would tell you a bit more about them so you can discover their deliciousness for yourself!

They describe themselves as “coconutters” and for good reason as they are advocates for everything that is great about the humble coconut. This must underrated fruit forms the basis for all their yoghurts which ensures they are completely dairy free. As an added bonus they are also cholesterol free and suitable for those following the vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. I call them underrated as many don’t realise the health benefits you get from a coconut but the Coconut Collaborative are on a mission to make sure we are all educated and go loco for the coco!

Coconuts are classified as drupes, and thus are members of the same family as olives, plums and peaches. They are jam-packed with electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and those firm favourites of mine; healthy, friendly fats. Yes there is such a thing and they are called friendly due to being made up of medium chain fatty acids which, rather than being stored in our bodies as fat, are broken down instantly and converted into energy. They have also been proven to promote a healthy heart and play an important part in brain cognition.

Their plain yoghurt is completely free of sugar whilst their mango & passion fruit and raspberry flavours only contain the natural sugars from the fruits, not one extra granule is added.  As if that wasn’t enough,  all yoghurts from the Coconut Collaborative are soya and gluten free as well.  I am more than happy to join them on their quest to share the coco-love and so will you once you have tasted these yummy yoghurts.

Those regular views of my vlogs know that I will only champion companies who buy into the same ethos as myself of being able to eat healthy food that not only contains the finest natural ingredients but also are big on taste and flavour. These yoghurts are certainly ticking all the boxes as far as me, my wife and my two little ones are concerned. Instead of filling your freezer full of over priced, sugar loaded ice lollies and ice cream this summer make sure you have a bumper supply of these frozen yoghurts on hand. It really doesn’t get any better than cooling yourself down while giving your health a boost at the same time.


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