Most of you know me as a chef which, considering I run a cooking channel on YouTube, isn’t exactly rocket science. Regular viewers will also know that one of my main hobbies when I’m not wearing my chef’s hat is snowboarding. I love the thrill of zipping along with the icy wind freezing my cheeks. Maybe the appeal is that it’s so far removed from my usual environment but point me in the direction of a board and I’m like a kid in a sweet shop.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite extensively trying different slopes and resorts but one of my favourite places for a spot of fun in the white stuff is Chamonix in the French Alps. I feel like a different man when I’m trudging through the snow with my board under my arm to try some of the delicacies on offer at the fab restaurants.  Being able to combine my two big passions in life in such stunning surroundings is the stuff dreams are made of.

I would like to share with you the terrific time I recently had in the resort of Chamonix where we stayed at the Chalet Union. The town sits at the foot of the mighty Mont Blanc and the runs here are, in my humble opinion, amongst the best in the world. This chalet gave us the most spectacular views of the mountain and was only a short stroll from all the bars and restaurants. In my younger days this would have been a good crawling distance home after a night indulging in much après ski but as I’m now a responsible, no laughing, father.

Anyway I digress. Chalet Union ticked all our boxes in terms of space, facilities and, of course, location. They do a brilliant catered package in the winter where you get your own private chef to cook and serve breakfast, afternoon tea and a 3 course dinner complete with wine. If I didn’t do what I do for a living this would be mighty appealing but as I like to eat at different places and sample different dishes it wouldn’t be worthwhile for us.

The place is huge with 8 bedrooms, a kitchen worthy of a gourmet chef and all manner of bits and pieces to keep you entertained in the evenings if you don’t fancy going to the town centre. The next time filming commitments allow me the time off I shall be packing and of to Chamonix again.


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